In retouching, I use my author's methods that allow me to create beauty, the most important result being aesthetics.
Creative photoshoot, inspire to be a part of this beauty.

Biggest focus on skin texture, hair gloss, makeup. Here you can see high-end retouch.
Photographer: Liubov Pogorela
Photographer: Natalia Koinova
Photographer: Solovyeva Polina

Retoucher: Alina Jurcevič (alin-ka retouch)
Before / After
I am always happy when I get such great jewellery shoots to retouch!

The main tasks when retouching jewellery are:

- Making it look as real as possible.
Without photo retouching, it's hard to make it look as beautiful as it is.

- Realise the main idea in accordance with the mood board.
Of course, the photo should be taken already in accordance to the main idea.

- By retouching, you can justify the cost of the jewellery through the visual perspective.
This is very important for any company that sells its products online and takes photos for ads.

Photographer: Auguste Chocianaite
Retoucher: Alina Jurcevič (alin-ka retouch)
Do you own an e-shop and sell online?

One of the most important things - you need good and aesthetic photos that fit your brand style to attract more customers and build a reliable and attractive e-shop!

The first thing a customer sees is a photo, then the price, then the specifications. If you understand this consistent pattern, you are already on the right track to increase your sales.

Swipe the slides and you'll see that photo taken at home, and even not taken with a camera but with a phone, can look pretty good with editing.
In result the photo can be used for ads, posts on social media or e-shops.

Photographer & Retoucher:
Alina Jurcevič (alin-ka retouch)
Every brand that create clothing, shoes, bags or other accessories has the main task of creating a desire to buy.

I had my own clothing brand for 7 years and I know very well how important visual content is.
Justifying the cost of my handwork was the biggest task, because without retouching it would be quite difficult.

The lookbook session must to reflect the key accents, such as siluet, textiles, quality and design.
By eliminating the unnecessary things, the wrinkled areas, the underwear, the model's scars, the defective areas on the skin and so on, the photos can get an aesthetic look.
By this way the main focus will fall only on the clothes.
Photographer: Natalia Koinova
Retoucher: Alina Jurcevič (alin-ka retouch)
When creating beauty, the most important outcome is aesthetics.

To create really good visual content, your portfolio of services you offer should reflect your expertise and professionalism as much as possible to attract more clients and justify the cost of your services from a visual perspective.

Very often, raw photos draw attention not to a beautiful makeup, well-done microblanding of lips or eyebrows, but to pimples, wrinkles, facial hair, poor skin texture and bad lighting.

Here is the solution to take care of your visual content - make it in an aesthetic way by using retouching services.

Photos made on phone by beauty masters:
Alina Jurcevič (alin-ka retouch)

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