I'm Alina, professional retoucher with 10 years experience in business management.
I know how to take your business to next level, and my expierence in different business areas makes my expertness more higher, I know what your clients needs from visual perspective, and not only.

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Professional visual content creation and high-end retouching.
I love learning new things and improving my skills in different areas of art and creation. Being a visual content creator and retoucher for me means being creative, enjoying the process and using all my skills to reflect what is important to each client in their visual content: style, aesthetics, beauty, professionalism and all the benefits of the services or products they create or offer.

I have been retouching since I was a teenager. I really enjoyed using Photoshop to create something interesting, even surreal.
Now I can offer high quality retouching, fast delivery and professional advice.

I must mention that my expertise is not only in retouching and creating visual content. In the last 10 years I have gained experience in management, teamwork and collaboration, leadership, e-commerce business management and marketing, having worked as an executive in various companies (production, logistics, marketing, etc.)

My expertise has led me to create my product by providing not only retouching services, but also visual content solutions for different types of businesses and individuals.

If you are here, that means you are looking for the best solutions for your business. I believe that everyone is best at what they love to do, and my services can best express that!
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